2018.08.09 |my “Thesaurus” project


Sometime in the next calendar year (and hopefully sooner than later)  I will be releasing a new album titled Thesaurus. This album is made up of works that I had previously written for chamber groups or soloists to play and have re-worked them for a rock-band-esque ensemble (hence the name ‘Thesaurus’). 

This type of project has been an idea of mine for several months and I have slowly been bringing it to life. For this specific album, all of the composing, arranging, performing, recording, mixing, and designing will be done by myself. I wanted the challenge and experience of being in charge of each aspect of the record making process, using only the equipment and software I already owned.

One of my philosophies in music is that while certain pieces can be written for certain instruments, that is not what they should be limited to. Most of the tracks on Thesaurus were originally written for other instruments or ensembles than those you will hear on this record. I wanted to re-imagine each of these pieces and see what new places I could go with them. This album is also my first time integrating my acoustic and electronic music, as many of these new arrangments now have electronic elements.

The tracks on this album are –

  • El Dorado (previously released as demo)
  • Fjords (mvt. II from “Altitude”)
  • Words (previously unreleased)
  • Into The Light
  • It Must Be (previously unreleased)
  • Of Celestial Origin
  • Outside The Pane
  • Panthers
  • Pedestrian
  • Run
  • Scintillations I (mvt. I from “Scintillations: Mallet Quartet No.3”)

STATUS UPDATE | 2018.08.16

  • Completed tracks: Scintillations I + Fjords
  • Mixing phase: It Must Be
  • Recording phase: Outside The Pane, Pedestrian, El Dorado, Words, Into The Light + Run
  • Arranging phase: Of Celestial Origin + Panthers

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