2018.11.15 | Secret Dance Music: UPDATE

CLARK HUBBARD - Secret Dance Music - Side A
Cover art for Secret Dance Music [Side A]
One of the big long-term projects I am working on is an album of my compositions arranged for a rock band + electronics style ensemble, Secret Dance Music. The original timeline for the project was to create the new arrangements in mid-late 2018, begin recording in late 2018-mid 2019, release a few singles throughout the spring and summer of 2019, and release the full album in the fall or winter of 2019.

As I have been working on Secret Dance Music, I have decided to alter the timeline of this album’s release. Instead of releasing several singles and a full-length album, I will be releasing Secret Dance Music as a series of EPs. The current plan is to spread Secret Dance Music across three EPs (Secret Dance Music: Side A, Side B, and Side C). Side A will contain three tracks and will be released in the first quarter of 2019. Side B and Side C will each contain four tracks and will be released in mid and late 2019 respectively. While the three volumes of Secret Dance Music can function as a cohesive album, each EP will feature its own dramatic and emotional arc.

By releasing Secret Dance Music as a series of EPs, I hope to get you more music faster. Each EP will be released on Bandcamp.com and will be available shortly after on Spotify, iTunes/Apple Music, Google Play, YouTube, Amazon, and Tidal.

Stay tuned for more info!

2018.10.28 |New Music 2018-2019

In the next year, I plan to be putting out a lot of new music. Here’s a brief overview of what’s going on!

New Compositions

I have a lot of new works planned for release in the coming year (you can check out the whole roster of projects here). One of the most exciting projects is a new work for a concert tour, organized by Kathryn Vetter, featuring music written and performed by fellows of the 2018 Cortona Sessions for New Music. The ensemble features Kathryn Vetter (clarinet), Claire Niederberger (violin), and Magnus Villanueva (piano). I am very excited to work with these great people again and hear all of the new works this ensemble brings together for their tour!

Winter Sounds

Winter Sounds is scheduled for creation this November/December. This EP will follow the same format as Summer Sounds and Summer Sounds II – four tracks composed, recorded, Continue reading “2018.10.28 |New Music 2018-2019”

2018.09.14 | Wes Fowler, “Glass Tiger”

Wes Fowler recital picture
photo credit: Wesley Fowler

A good friend and fellow percussionist, Wesley Fowler, premiered my piece “Glass Tiger” in Knoxville, TN on September 14th. (You can watch the whole recital here – “Glass Tiger” begins at 38:30). I met Wes at the Sō Percussion Summer Institute in 2017. During the festival, he asked me to write a piece for him with instrumentation that would “fit in a backpack.” I decided to leave the instrumentation relatively free so that Wes (and future performers) could decide what sounds and instruments they wanted to travel and perform with. You can read more about “Glass Tiger” here.

Thank you Wes for a fantastic premiere and recital!