Age Of Fire

Duration: 9.5 minutes

Difficulty: ★★★★☆

Released: 2021

Players: (2) Alto Saxophone + Percussion

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(commissioned by Andrew Gaffey)

About “Age Of Fire”

“AGE OF FIRE” is a duet for alto saxophone and percussion (vibraphone + bass drum/large floor tom).

Musically, “AGE OF FIRE” is inspired by the epic music of Rush, Greta Van Fleet, Yes, and Led Zeppelin.

Thematically, “AGE OF FIRE” is organized in seven movements that draw from the structures of “the hero’s journey” and other ancient folk tales.

  1. Prologue [1:00]
  2. The Odyssey, Chapter I [2:10]
  3. The Oracle [1:10]
  4. The Odyssey, Chapter II [1:05]
  5. The Prophecy [0:50]
  6. Battle Royale [2:05]
  7. Epilogue [1:20]

All movements are intended to be performed attaca. If brief pauses between movements are desired, the recommended locations for such pauses are…

  • between “II. The Odyssey, Chapter I” + “III. The Oracle”
  • between “VI. Battle Royale” + “VII. The Epilogue”
  • between “III. The Oracle” + “IV. The Odyssey, Chapter II”

Soda Song 2

Duration: 4 minutes

Difficulty: ★★★☆☆

Premiere: 2021.03.02

Players: (1) 5 Soda Cans + Electronic Playback

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About “SodaSong 2”

The sequel to “SODASONG”, “SODASONG 2” is a solo for multi-percussion + electronic playback.

Since many schools continue to remain closed in early 2021 (due to COVID-19), “SODASONG 2” was designed for percussionists to play with materials found throughout their homes.

While originally composed for 5 soda cans, “SODASONG 2” can be performed on any collection of five objects (glass bottles, plates, paint cans, tom-toms, etc).

“SODASONG” is a great piece for students with limited access to instruments and for students interested in or looking to explore multi-percussion and electro-acoustic music.