Amager 16

CLARK HUBBARD - Amager 16 2018

Duration: 11:17

Difficulty: ★★★☆☆

Released: 2016

Players: (2) 2 Snare Drums

Purchase PDF Sheet Music: $20.00

(written for the GreeneShark Duo)

About “Amager 16”

– I. Sonata [4:08]

– II. Slow [2:28]

– III. Waltz [1:35]

– IV. Finale [3:04]

“Amager 16” is a snare drum duet written for the GreeneShark Duo (Clark Hubbard & Rashaad Greene).

The title is taken from the island of Amager in Denmark where Clark Hubbard lived during the fall of 2016, when this piece was written.
The piece was written as a classical orchestral symphony, but for two snare drums instead of an orchestra.

When writing Amager 16, I had complete melodic ideas in mind, I could hear the symphony orchestra playing in my head. It was almost as if I was arranging a symphony for snare drum duo rather than composing an original one.