Amager 16

Duration: 11:17

Difficulty: ★★★☆☆

Released: 2016

Players: (2) 2 Snare Drums

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(written for the GreeneShark Duo)

About “Amager 16”

“AMAGER 16” is a snare drum duo in the style of a classical symphony with some contemporary elements. The work contains four movements that may be performed in succession or independently.

I. Sonata

The first movement follows classical sonata form with themes first presented in duple meter and later modulated to triple meter.

II. Slow

The second movement is framed by long buzz rolls and silent pauses. These textures are slowly overtaken by a quick, yet quiet, flurry of militaristic passages.

III. Waltz

The third movement is a waltz that involves both percussionists creating dynamic waves as their melodic phrases intersect.

IV. Finale

The fourth movement is a fast-paced recap of the previous movements while also introducing new material. One percussionist is called to perform rhythms by rapidly clicking their sticks together, but these passages may alternatively be played on the rim of the drum if the tempo proves to be too quick.

“AMAGER 16” is great for students who want to improve their snare drum technique while studying classical music forms. This is also an excellent piece for students to play alongside their instructor.