Magic Science

Clark Hubbard - Magic Science

Released: 2017.08.23

Artist: Clark Hubbard

Tracks: 6 (+1 bonus)

Genre: Electronic


About Magic Science

‘Magic Science’ is a small collection of original electronic music by Clark Hubbard.

“Fighter Pilot” was written on a bench in Newark International Airport and on an airplane leaving Newark International Airport.
“Of Celestial Origin” was drafted at Princeton University and was originally intended to be a multi-percussion solo.
“Rainbow Sails” and “Eastward, Warm Chili” were drafted at Vanderbilt University in 2015 and revisited in Lancaster, Ohio in 2017.
“Home + Tree” and “Squares” were written in Lancaster, Ohio.
‘Magic Science’ was completed in Lancaster, Ohio in 2017.

‘Magic Science’ was released on the first day of class for my senior year at Vanderbilt University.

Downloads of this album come with liner notes, artwork accompanying each track, and a bonus track – “Little Phases.”

Please enjoy Clark Hubbard’s ‘Magic Science.’


released August 23, 2017

All songs composed, performed, and programmed by Clark Hubbard.
Album artwork and design also by Clark Hubbard.

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