Glass Tiger

Clark Hubbard - Glass Tiger

Duration: 4:56

Difficulty: Advanced

Released: 2017

Players: (1) 4 pitched resonant objects, 1 high-pitched non-resonant metal, 1 low-pitched non-resonant non-metal

Price: $15.00


(written for Wes Fowler)

About “Glass Tiger”

Glass Tiger” is a multi-percussion solo commissioned by Wes Fowler.

Written with portable percussion instruments in mind, the instrumentation of this piece is: 4 resonant pitched metal objects (4 unique pitches, but the pitches themselves are unspecified); 1 non-resonant, high pitched, metal object; 1 non-resonant, low pitched, non-metal object

In the opening motif, the right-hand plays all of the notes. The left hand then joins by playing the same motif as the right hand – only delayed by a sixteenth note. This delay motif appears throughout the piece on the two non-resonant objects and on the 4 pitched objects. Care should be taken wherever this motif appears to keep these stickings intact. To aid with this, the cans are generally paired 1+3 with the right hand and 2+4 in the left hand (high-low = 1,2,3,4).

In the B section (M.71-M.146) the above stickings do not need to be implemented (although they should return following M.146).

The name “Glass Tiger” stems from this piece’s relationship to another composition by Clark Hubbard – “Panthers”. Both pieces feature very drummy/groove oriented melodies that walk the line between beautiful and aggressive. “Glass Tiger” was written without “Panthers” in mind, but after reflecting upon finishing “Glass Tiger” it was easy to see their relation.

The performer should feel free to choose any 4 pitches for their objects. Different collections of pitches will drastically change the emotional context of this piece and the performer is encouraged to explore those options.

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