Clark Hubbard - Twenty cover

Duration: 4:19

Difficulty: ★★★☆☆

Released: 2017

Players: (1) marimba (5.0 octave)

Purchase PDF Sheet Music: $15.00

(written for Madeline Dethloff)

About “Twenty”

“Twenty” is a marimba solo I wrote for a good friend, Madeline Dethloff.
When Madeline began studying at Vanderbilt University, I was studying abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark. Before I had even met her in person, she had already become the first person (besides myself) to learn one of my pieces.
Since then, our friendship has flourished and she asked me to write a piece for her before I graduated from Vanderbilt University.

I wrote a marimba solo over the summer of 2017 called “Woodgrain,” inspired by the music of Bruce Cockburn. Around August 2017, I decided to scrap around 50% of “Woodgrain” and re-imagine the piece. After many weeks/months of delay, I finally made the time to complete the “Woodgrain” the right way in late-November/early-December. Since it was quickly approaching, I felt there was no better deadline to complete this piece by than Madeline’s twentieth birthday: hence the new title “Twenty.”

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