Released: 2018.04.09

Artist: Clark Hubbard

Tracks: 11

Genre: Electronic

Buy/Stream: BandcampiTunesSpotifyGoogle PlayAmazonTidal

About Terminals

‘Terminals’ is Clark Hubbard’s second collection of original electronic music. ‘Terminals’ explores softer, ambient, and more groove-based material than 2017’s ‘Magic Science.’ Like ‘Magic Science,’ ‘Terminals’ was written in airports, hotels, cars, buses, and many other locations during Clark’s travels.

music + artwork composed + designed by Clark Hubbard.
‘Terminals’ created and completed in Spring 2018.

“soft” + “venus” written in Tennessee.
“lights” written in Texas.
“cold towers” + “lacuna” written in Michigan.
“the mountain song” written in Virginia + West Virginia.
“snow+streetlamp” written in New York.
“window landscape” written in Ohio.
“deplaned” + “chicago” written in Illinois.
“up” written in Colombia.

Please enjoy Clark Hubbard’s ‘Terminals.’

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