Summer Sounds 3

Clark Hubbard - Summer Sounds 3

Released: 2019.05.01

Artist: Clark Hubbard

Tracks: 4

Genre: Electronic

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About Summer Sounds 3

The third installment in my ‘Summer Sounds’ series.

This EP comes after I have finished a few important commissions and my first year of graduate school. A full-length album of new electro-acoustic music is in the works with a planned release in mid-late 2019. What a better way to celebrate finishing some projects and filling the void in my next release than another 48-hour songwriting and production project. The tracks on ‘Summer Sounds 3‘ are all upbeat and some of my most dance-worthy songs yet.

  • “So Good” – The first track I composed for this EP. I had been listening to the Sammy Hagar era Van Halen albums over the few days preceding the composition of this track, so I took a few timbral influences from those records as well as the name of this track (“Feels So Good” – Van Halen).
  • “Diet Cherry Vanilla” – An ode to zero calorie, cherry vanilla (or just cherry) flavored soft drinks. I’ve always loved/hated when songs would fade out while there are some really tasty solos going on. Some of my favorite moments in “Diet Cherry Vanilla” and “So Good” are during the fade out.
  • “Joyride” – The last track I wrote for this EP. At 6:30pm I announced that I would release this EP at midnight, and I had yet to write any percent of this song. A few hours later and it was done. A nice happy little ditty.
  • “Overdrive” – While out at lunch with a friend, I decided that I wanted/needed to write a really hard dance song – one that’s fast and hits you in the face – so I wrote this.

Links to streaming services will be updated as this album is added into stores.