Magic Science | Revisited

Magic Science Revisited

Released: 2019.08.23

Artist: Clark Hubbard

Tracks: 7

Genre: Electronic/Dance

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About Magic Science | Revisited

‘Magic Science | Revisited’ is a celebration of the two year anniversary of my first EP ‘Magic Science.’

“In 2017, when I was writing and releasing ‘Magic Science,’ I was entering my final year of school at Vanderbilt University and was preparing for the next big change in my life. Two years later, I find myself in a similar situation: entering the final year of a master’s program at the University of Michigan.
While I stand by the original ‘Magic Science,’ over the past two years I have grown as a musician, composer, and person and felt that there was no better time to give these tunes a fresh coat of paint.” – Clark Hubbard

‘Magic Science | Revisited’ features remixed versions of the six tracks comprising ‘Magic Science’ as well as a remix of the ‘Magic Science’ bonus track “Little Phases.”

• “Fighter Pilot” was written on a bench in Newark International Airport and on an airplane leaving Newark International Airport.
• “Of Celestial Origin” was drafted at Princeton University and was originally intended to be a multi-percussion solo.
• “Rainbow Sails” and “Eastward, Warm Chili” were drafted at Vanderbilt University in 2015 and revisited in Lancaster, Ohio in 2017.
• “Home + Tree” and “Squares” were written in Lancaster, Ohio.
• ‘Magic Science’ was completed in Lancaster, Ohio in 2017.
• ‘Magic Science | Revisited’ was remixed and remastered in Ann Arbor, Michigan in 2019. 

Links to streaming services will be updated as this album is added into stores.