Percussion Quartet No. 1

Duration: 11:29

Difficulty: ★★★☆☆

Released: 2016

Players: (4) marimba (4.3 octave), vibraphone, xylophone, glockenspiel, 4 tenor drums, bass drum, hi-hat, 4 woodblocks

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About “percussion Quartet No.1”

“PERCUSSION QUARTET NO. 1” is a percussion quartet that explores textures and melodic material throughout six different sections.

The piece opens with “Layers,” where instruments are slowly introduced into the growing, sonic environment. This is followed by “Patterns In Wood” where each player cycles between ‘A’ and ‘B’ patterns on woodblocks creating a variety of polyrhythmic textures. “Patterns” in Wood” then morphs into “3’s in 4” where players move through a chord progression in canon. A slight break may occur before the fourth section “Festival”: a brief, cheerful, and festive interlude. “Festival” quickly segues into “Flux” where each percussionist’s rhythmic material dissolves at different rates. “Flux” concludes with a desperate vibraphone solo above the sparse remains of the other instruments. “Finale” is a dramatic, fast-paced, and brief section that closes out the entire work.

1 • 4 tenor drums, bass drum, hi-hat, woodblock, glockenspiel (shared w/ P4)
2 • marimba [4.3 octave], woodblock
3 • vibraphone, woodblock
4 • xylophone, woodblock, glockenspiel (shared w/ P1)

“PERCUSSION QUARTET NO. 1” is great for students looking for a quartet that will expose them to a wide variety of chamber music performance circumstances and environments.