To Touch The Forever

Duration: 4:37

Difficulty: ★★★★☆

Released: 2016

Players: (1) vibraphone

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About “To Touch The Forever”

“TO TOUCH THE FOREVER” is a vibraphone solo that combines traditional and specialized performance techniques. In this piece, the performer is called to play the vibraphone with chopsticks and their fingertips (similar to how they would play with normal mallets), roll on two different keys with a single chopstick, and to play a rhythmic ostinato in one hand while the other hand cycles through tuplets of varying lengths.

This piece is an exploration of serialism from both a harmonic and rhythmic perspective. The harmonic structures are derived from Forte Set 5-20 (pitches: G, Ab, Bb, D, + Eb) and its transpositions. The rhythmic structures are derived from a rhythmic translation of the title “TO TOUCH THE FOREVER” (consonants are represented by a pair of eighth notes and vowels are represented by a quarter note) and rhythmic modulations of the title’s translation.

While the harmonic and rhythmic structures were created using serialist methods, “TO TOUCH THE FOREVER” also draws influence from pop and new age music. The title and emotional inspiration for this piece stem from the Queen song “Who Wants To Live Forever.”

“TO TOUCH THE FOREVER” is great for students looking to expand their vibraphone repertoire and explore percussion works using unconventional mallets and performance techniques.