Cooks The Goose

Duration: Indeterminate

Difficulty: ★☆☆☆☆

Released: 2016, revised 2018

Players: (1) any instrument + rainstick

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(dedicated to Liam Underwood)

About “___ Cooks The Goose”

“____ Cooks The Goose” is a piece I wrote in 2016 after a conversation with my friend Liam Underwood. This piece is written to be played by any melodic instrument and rainstick. This piece is sight-read during the performance. Whenever the performer makes a mistake they must stop playing their instrument, pick up a rainstick, and say the word “Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit” for the duration of the rainstick’s sounding. While originally written as a solo, this piece has also been performed as a duo by Liam Glendening and Thomas Faulkner (Liam Performing on trombone with Thomas Faulkner on rainstick).

The phrase “cooks the goose” means to interfere with, disrupt, or to ruin something. The “____” in the title is intended for the performer to insert their own name (i.e. if Liam Underwood performed the piece, it would be called “Liam Cooks The Goose”).