Duration: approx. 1:00

Difficulty: ★☆☆☆☆

Released: 2018

Players: (2) 3 flower pots + voice

Purchase PDF Sheet Music: $5.00

(written for Sebastian Buhts + Alexandra Porter)

About “Love”

“Love” was written in 2018 at the Cortona Sessions for New Music for the second round of the Iron Composer Composition Competition. Clark Hubbard was a winner of this competition with his pieces “No Wine For You” and “Love.” “Love” was written for percussionist Sebastian Buhts and vocalist Alexandra Porter who premiered the piece at the Cortona Sessions.

This short piece comically tells the story of a failing relationship where one party is completely oblivious to its collapse. “Love” ends with an ‘explosive’ finale.

“Love” was originally titled “Scenes of Life: Love” and there are plans to create a series of miniature pieces in this style.

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