Summer Sounds II

CLARK HUBBARD - Summer Sounds II

Released: 2018.07.18

Artist: Clark Hubbard

Tracks: 4

Genre: Electronic

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About Summer Sounds II

‘Summer Sounds II’ is exactly what it sounds like – the follow-up to ‘Summer Sounds.’

Like its predecessor, ‘Summer Sounds II’ is short, upbeat, and was completed in two days.

• “Night Goggles” – Like much of “Summer Sounds I,” this piece came about after listening to the music of Giorgio Moroder. When working on this piece, I started with the drums and initially had the tempo 20-30 bpm slower than the final result. After speeding the tempo up, everything came together.

• “Delicatessen” – Alternatively titled, “Music For A Grocery Store” or “Theme from ‘Delicatessen’.” I wanted to write a soft piece reminiscent of music that you typically hear in supermarkets or elevators. Initially, I had two pieces in mind: “Delicatessen” and “Glace” (music to listen to in an ice cream parlor). This track is the combination of both of those original ideas.

• “Station To Station” – Originally titled “Moon Landing.” The title was changed after I composed the end of the piece – which is the darkest moment of this whole EP. Since this piece turned out darker in tone than I originally intended, the title was changed to “Station To Station,” because the moon landing was a joyous event – not a tragic one. The title “Station To Station” comes from the David Bowie album and song of the same name, but also refers to the keyboards that open this track. The different pitches are communicating different messages in Morse code: “hello,” “is there anybody out there,” “i love you,” and “houston.”

• “Celebration Day” – This was intended to be the opening track of ‘Summer Sounds II.’ After it’s completion, I decided to take the bridge section of this piece and create what would become “Station To Station.” This part of the song sounded like outer space and the title “Moon Landing” kept coming to mind. Since this track contains the main melody of “Station To Station,” I decided that this track would be titled “Celebration Day” referencing the celebration of either landing on the moon, or landing back on Earth.