2020.04.15 | The June Project

“June” composed by Jason Treuting

Arrangement by Clark Hubbard

“Our scientific power has outrun our spiritual power; We have guided missiles and misguided men.” – MLK Jr.

“During this period of isolation, So Percussion has embarked on a new project re-interpreting music from our third album Amid the Noise, with music by founding member Jason Treuting. Amid the Noise is designed to be modular and flexible, with many different possible versions.” – So Percussion


My sounds:

  • Harmony/Melody | sine wave synth + synthetic string synth
  • Drone | The electronic piece “Deplaned” from my album ‘Terminals’ re-tuned to C. (In the second ‘verse,’ a bass enters also droning a C).
  • Noise | Noises come from a chorus effect on the synthetic strings synth + “Deplaned”
  • Rhythm | Excerpts from my recording of “SodaSong” re-pitched according to the number of letters in the text (i.e. “Our” is pitched +3 semi-tones, “Scientific” is pitched +10 semi-tones, etc.) There are two rhythmic voices which are pitch-corrected in opposite directions.

This version of “June” was created using Ableton Live 10