Soda Song 2

Duration: 4 minutes

Difficulty: ★★★☆☆

Premiere: 2021.03.02

Players: (1) 5 Soda Cans + Electronic Playback

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About “SodaSong 2”

The sequel to “SODASONG”, “SODASONG 2” is a solo for multi-percussion + electronic playback.

Since many schools continue to remain closed in early 2021 (due to COVID-19), “SODASONG 2” was designed for percussionists to play with materials found throughout their homes.

While originally composed for 5 soda cans, “SODASONG 2” can be performed on any collection of five objects (glass bottles, plates, paint cans, tom-toms, etc).

“SODASONG” is a great piece for students with limited access to instruments and for students interested in or looking to explore multi-percussion and electro-acoustic music.


Duration: 5.5 minutes

Difficulty: ★★★★

Premiere: 2021.02.28

Players: (1) crash/china cymbal, crash/ride cymbal, hi-hat, 3 drums, 2 congas, snare, kick, shaker + electronic playback

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(commissioned by Daniel Vila)

About “Solara”

“SOLARA” is a drum kit + electronics solo commissioned by Daniel Vila.

“SOLARA” is great for students familiar with drum kit that are looking to explore multi-percussion music, students familiar with multi-percussion looking to explore drum kit music, and students looking to explore electro-acoustic music.

The percussion setup for “SOLARA” can be modified and exploration with different sounds and instruments is HIGHLY encouraged.

The key elements of the setup are:

  • (5+) drums [tuned to different pitches] (in score as 3 toms + 2 congas + 1 snare)
  • (2+) cymbals (in score as china/crash + crash/ride)
  • (1) hi-hat
  • (1) kick drum
  • (1) shaker

“SOLARA” is intended to be performed without a click track.

– electronic playback [.wav] is included with purchase of the score.

“SOLARA” was premiered by Daniel Vila on February 28th, 2021 in Ann Arbor, MI.

*Sheet music will be released in early/mid 2021.