Beauty & Ruin

Duration: 8:36

Difficulty: ★★★★☆

Released: 2020

Players: (3) 2 percussionists + electric guitar

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(written for Neil McNulty + Jean Carlo Ureña Gonzalez

About “Beauty & Ruin”

“BEAUTY & RUIN” is a trio for two percussionists + electric guitar to be performed as three attacca movements.

The two multi-percussion setups are identical, but Player 3’s instruments should be lower in pitch. Each setup includes: (1) snare drum [drum kit or concert], (1) floor tom [or kick drum mounted so that the batter head is facing upwards], (1) metal object.

While not specified in the score, the electric guitarist should feel free to include effects (ex. overdrive, chorus, delay, etc.) as they see fit.

Structurally, “BEAUTY & RUIN” is inspired by the percussion music of Steve Reich: three attacca movements organized as ‘fast-slow-fast.’ Musically, “BEAUTY & RUIN” is inspired by the music of Steve Reich and by 1990’s alternative rock music – specifically that of Dinosaur Jr., Sugar, and Bob Mould. The title, “BEAUTY & RUIN,” is also a reference to Bob Mould’s 2014 album of the same name.

The two percussion parts create a stereo effect throughout much of the piece, so it is recommended that the percussion setups are staged facing each other with the electric guitarist between them, facing the audience.

“BEAUTY & RUIN” is great for students looking for a dramatic chamber piece that blurs the line between contemporary percussion and alternative rock music.

*guitar sheet music is included as both Guitar Tab + Standard Notation